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Welcome to "Worked All Serbia" 2016. Marathon!

198 Municipalities to chase. One trophy to win.

Serbia [YU/YT] is a country located in Central-East Europe with over 3,000 licensed amateur radio operators. Over 800 of them could be found on HF bands, actively making two-way contacts in Morse code, telephony or in various digital modes. Beside the usual communication, Serbian amateurs love their contesting, both domestic and international and they are passionate about YUFF, SOTA and other 'portable' operations. YU amateurs are currently active from 172 Serbian municipalities - and your goal is to work them all during the 2016!

Marathon rules

2016 Marathon starts on 1 January 2016 and finishes on 31 December 2016.Goal: to work as many Serbian stations as you can! Bands and modes: 160m to 6m, CW/PHONE/DIGI.QSL cards? Not required.
Categories: Non-YU, YU and Activators.
Scoring: Each contact with FIXED YU station counts 1 point. You can work fixed station only once in 2016. Duplicate contacts count 0 points.
Each contact with PORTABLE YU station counts 2 points. You can work the same portable station as many times as you can, and each contact counts 2 points as long as the portable station operates from a new WAS municipaity, YUFF or SOTA location.
Multipliers: Unique YU WAS municipalities (maximum of 198). Final score: Sum of points x multipliers.

Log: Download .xls logsheet.
To be included on the 2016. Marathon TopList send your log sheet to 2016@CQSerbia.com .

2016 Marathon TopList

YU / YT Municipalities: map and reference numbers

Srem: VS01 VS02 VS03 VS04 VS05 VS06 VS07
Novi Sad: NS01
Juzna Backa: VB01 VB02 VB03 VB04 VB05 VB06 VB07 VB08 VB09 VB10 VB11 VB12
Zapadna Backa: VZ01 VZ02 VZ03 VZ04
Severna Backa: VM01 VM02 VM03
Juzni Banat: VA01 VA02 VA03 VA04 VA05 VA06 VA07 VA08
Srednji Banat: VF01 VF02 VF03 VF04 VF05
Severni Banat: VK01 VK02 VK03 VK04 VK05 VK06
Beograd: BG01 BG02 BG03 BG04 BG05 BG06 BG07 BG08 BG09 BG10 BG11 BG12 BG13 BG14 BG15 BG16 BG17
Macva: SM01 SM02 SM03 SM04 SM05 SM06 SM07 SM08
Kolubara: SK01 SK02 SK03 SK04 SK05 SK06
Podunavlje: SD01 SD02 SD03
Branicevo: SB01 SB02 SB03 SB04 SB05 SB06 SB07 SB08
Sumadija: SS01 SS02 SS03 SS04 SS09 SS10 SS11
Pomoravlje: SO01 SO02 SO03 SO04 SO05 SO06
Bor: SR01 SR02 SR03 SR04
Zajecar: SZ01 SZ02 SZ03 SZ04
Zlatibor: ST01 ST02 ST03 ST04 ST05 ST06 ST07 ST08 ST09 ST10
Moravica: SC01 SC02 SC03 SC04
Raska: SA01 SA02 SA03 SA04 SA05
Rasina:SI01 SI02 SI03 SI04 SI05 SI06
Nis: SN01 SN02 SN03 SN04 SN05 SN06 SN07 SN08 SN09 SN10 SN11
Prokuplje: SL01 SL02 SL03 SL04
Pirot: SF01 SF02 SF03 SF04
Jablanica: SJ01 SJ02 SJ03 SJ04 SJ05 SJ06
Pcinj: SV01 SV02 SV03 SV04 SV05 SV06 SV07
Kosovski Okrug:KK01 KK02 KK03 KK04 KK05 KK06 KK07 KK08 KK09 KK10
Kosovo-Mitrovacki Okrug: KM01 KM02 KM03 KM04 KM05 KM06
Kosovsko-Pomoravski Okrug: KP01 KP02 KP03 KP04
Prizrenski Okrug: KZ01 KZ02 KZ03 KZ04
Pecki Okrug: KC01 KC02 KC03 KC04 KC05
Total: 198 municipalities.

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Serbia is one of Europe's most culturally diverse countries. The borders between large empires ran through the territory of today's Serbia for long periods in history: between the Eastern and Western halves of the Roman Empire; between Kingdom of Hungary, Bulgarian Empire, Frankish Kingdom and Byzantium; between the Ottoman Empire and the Austrian Empire (later Austria-Hungary). As a result, while the north is culturally 'Central European', the south is rather more 'Oriental'. Of course, both regions have influenced each other, and so the distinction between north and south is artificial to some extent. To find more, visit Welcome To Serbia. CQ Serbia

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